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At Particle Health, Josh worked with us to clarify our message and simplify our product to our target audience, it has helped us convert a new audience.

Hal Levy
Head of Marketing

He found us a solid group of developers and designers to help us redo our website and overhaul our database and automations, our new site is a well-oiled machine.

Andrew Fischer
Founder and CEO

It was nice to be able to sit down and discover many of our internal issues. We had trouble getting demo signus and Josh hlped us dig deep to uncover the reasons.

Jed Schafer
Director of Marketing

At data.world, Josh helped us find the right team to redesign our langing pages and set up new CRM automations, for that we're really grateful.

Ian MacLagan
Chief Marketing Officer

Josh was able to help us solve many of our key internal problems and reduce churn significantly.

Julia Abrahamsen
Chief Marketing Officer

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